Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skagway Downhill Bike Ride

Here's me and my brother-in-law up at White Horse Summit on our downhill bike tour near Skagway, Alaska!

Gorgeous! COLD! Lots of coasting.

Here's a bunch of unlocked bikes in "downtown" Skagway. I didn't understand until later, one of the cruise staff told me that several of them have their own bikes on board and use them to tour the ports.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Juneau, Alaska Bike Ride

My whole family joined me for a 13 mile ride from the Mendenhall Glacier (pictured behind me below) to downtown Juneau.

My sister's funny hat!

A new way to deal with "butt burning syndrome". Yes, that's MOSS.

My Mom (Dad in background)! He's 70 and she's 69 and they did awesome!

The whole gang takes a break. My brother-in-law sports the stylish three-prong "helmet mohawk".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Got up at 4:30AM (!) to make it to the Ride Around Clark County start line by 5. Took my place as greeter in the cold, drizzly courtyard until about 9, when I changed into bike clothes and did the metric century RACC.

I thought I'd have to ride alone but ran into an acquaintance (Amanda) from the beginner ladies' bike clinic (we both helped lead it). So we rode together most of the time. Only got one flat, and Harry provided Johnny On The Spot flat assistance!

Here are just some of the sights. Check out the steam coming off the street in the first picture. It rained, it shined, it rained. Repeat! But still fun and lots of pretty sights to see.