Friday, August 26, 2011


Live in the present moment is an important mission of mine.

The Past is a place I would like to avoid. It stalks me and teaches me to dig my heels into the present.

The Future is a spot I can't comprehend. It taps me on my left shoulder, then comes around my right side.

Despite my best efforts, these times seek me out. I suppose part of living in the present is learning to cope with the intrusion and quickly get back to it.

Just this week, I was asked me how many camp spots we'll need at DesChutes next May. Then August's family vacation was confirmed. Dates are being picked for a Crater Lake trip. Overwhelming to think of all the minutes and hours and days between now and then.

How is this bike-related, you ask? I mean, this is a bike blog and no forum for broken refrigerators. Well, I'll tell you. Because bicycling is here, now, a minute ago, a minute from now, several hours ago and tomorrow.


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