Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Le Toast Francaise

Been procrastinating this blog entry because Saturday's ride was troublesome.

First of all, big mistake, a lady on the bike path came to a sudden dead halt in front of me. I said "watch where you stop" and she belted out "shut your big fat mouth!". I should've continued on my way and let her stew in her own negative juices but, alas, my reactive temper got the better of me.

So, I turned back to go "reason" with her. She told me she was very upset by my rude comment and that I had no idea who she was. I told her it's dangerous to stop in front of someone without warning. She told me I'm obviously not from Portland and to go back to where I came from.

That last sentiment is especially upsetting to me, because I love Portland and Oregon so much. But, apparently, it's not "mine". Of course, it's not hers either. It either belongs to the Native Americans or the dinosaurs who were here before them or the one-celled protozoas that were here before them.

Anyway, this wasted time delay may or may not have led to a small crash further on our way. A shirtless guy with a backpack started riding in the group. I was in front when my chain came off so I said "stopping" loudly several times, then pulled over. Shirtless dude panicked and stopped in front of a couple of my riders, who overlapped wheels and went down.

The good (awesome!) news is that no one was seriously hurt and no cars were involved. Just a few scrapes. No bike damage either.

However, lessons learned. Go with the flow. Don't go back to reason with the unreasonable. The change in timeline can easily alter your reality. And, oh yeah, don't ride with shirtless guys wearing backpacks.

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