Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Portland Parkways South East

These adorable children agreed to ride the Portland Parkway with me on Sunday. She's on her new Trek 830 mountain bike and he's on his single speed BMX bike. I rode my old dutch cruiser, with its new tires and saddle. Aside from the rear wheel coming loose, it rode like a dream. It features 28" wheels and an internal 2 speed hub that changes speeds with centrifugal force. After a quick three mile trek to the loop, we joined in the fun.
We were pretty cooked after one lap of the six mile route. The heat of the day and the thick bike traffic really tired us out. The three miles back home felt challenging, but we did it. Our 12 mile finish was celebrated with hoots and hollers and bells ringing.
The kids went home and I decided to change rides and get on the old Ross Cruiser with hand brakes and 3 speeds. Rode back to the Parkway, did another lap and stopped for a beer while spectating. So many people on so many bikes! The Portland Parkways events are downright inspiring. Opening up the streets (some would say closing them down) transforms our public thoroughfares into human-use spaces that feel like an all-inclusive party.

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