Monday, September 19, 2011

Sissies & Barbies

Joined the Sisyphean Hill Riders for an out 'n back escapade to Estacada Saturday. King Sisyphus' tricks earned him the gods' revenge. Roll a huge boulder up the hill and just before the top, it rolls back down.

There weren't any punishing hills on this ride, but we had other challenges. I began and ended my day with flat tires and Patty had one mid-day. A crackerass stoner threw a plastic bottle at us from the front seat of a car while clinging tightly to a pillow in his lap. And it rained most of the day.

But we had tons of good luck too. Free burgers at the fire house for one. And running into the Cycle Wild gang as they begin their 9 day tour, which made me want to cancel my regular life and join them. We also won the garage sale lottery with fancy new jackets and Barbies for the girls' bikes.

Finally back to the civilization of Portland, a quick beer at my place and many slow beers at Biketobeerfest. An awesome beginning to the rainy season. Just like Sisyphus, I hope to repeat this sort of day over and over. I hope that boulder never gets done being pushed to the top.

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