Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Miyata, Part Due

Monday night's segment of the newly named butter beater project brought some disappointments with it.

The bad news:
This shiny fork (pictured above) is threaded too high up on the steer tube.
The downtube shifter clamp I need will be impossible to find.
My powder blue stem left over from another bike won't work.

The good news:

I was hooked up with a set of downtube shifters that may work instead.
City Bikes had the right fork, headset and bars.
City Bikes took my triple crankset, track bars & the old fork in trade.
The Bike Farm had a 12cm reach stem for only six bucks.

In other news:
I received some very wise advice, wise for general use but specifically to figure the stem size for butter. The measurements from both the middle of the seat tube and from saddle nose to the front of the stem on all of my bikes will prove valuable for many future projects and a better understanding of my geometric needs.


  1. MAria___ these drawings for position are alright for your reach and relative height of the seat..HOWEVER from my experience the single most important dimension for me personally is the amount of setback the saddle has from the BB shell..these dimensions you have concern body comfort..the seat setback concerns the ergonomics of the legs/knees to the pedal stroke, If wrong can quickly do much damage which I learned from having a slippery seat pillar and a paper route over potereo hill back in "94... check it if you ever get knee pain

    1. SOOOO helpful! Yes, I get knee pain a bit sometimes (left knee only, outside upper patella. Just got a "real" fitting on this butter Miyata but I will continue to mess with the setback. Are you a believer in the plumb line from the bottom of the kneecap to the spindle/ball of foot?