Thursday, January 12, 2012

KHS Track Bike

(Tenth in a series of stories about every bike I've ever owned.)
My bike hero and mentor, Erik Zo, sold me a steel track bike for $250. I accidentally paid him $300, so he left the bottom bracket, seatpost, and stem on and bought me like 100 beers. He used to lead a monthly fixed wheel ride in the 90s (he abhorred the term fixed gear) that ended with beer at the golf club in Golden Gate Park. This ride inspired my annual Caddyshack ride. The above picture is of the fixed wheel gang at our duel point rest stop, with Erik in the back holding his bike up.

I put many knee-breaking miles on this little silver bike in hilly San Francisco and even earned some street cred messengering on it. A lesson I learned during this time period is "if you can't stop, turn!". I also had the privilege of racing on a wooden figure eight bridge & tunnel track called the Human Powered Roller Coaster. I performed horribly but won "best in show", probably because I wore a dress and heels during the race (pictured below).


  1. I think you had already earned tons of street cred for CMWC 1996, but maybe that's just me. Do you still have the KHS? Seems like there used to be scores of those things on the street.
    -Rev, SF

    1. Hey Rev Jim! Yes, I do still have the KHS, although it's been painted and turned into a single speed (gasp!). There are still scores of those things on the street here in Portland. Thanks for the comment!

  2. MY ears are burning........check out my blog OK...