Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Activate Hub Launch

We are encouraged from a young age to find our dream and go live it. Simplified, my dream is bikes. Not just riding bikes, but everything bike. They're all vastly different pieces of the same pie - why not taste 'em all? So, back in 2010, when I had an opportunity to work in the bicycle industry, I jumped at it.

Luckily for me, an amazing networking group for women in the bike industry was starting up at exactly the same time. We call ourselves the Portland Society and our mission has evolved to encompass professional women, specifically to"...grow our businesses and careers while making Portland a better place to live and ride."

Last fall I started serving on the Society board as Treasurer. Why do I get involved in so many organizations? Because I like the word "yes" I guess. Seriously, saying yes to even the smallest invitation can lead to big opportunities at the most and more bike rides at the very least.

In this spirit, I initiated a weekly Thursday morning Portland Society ride. Lindsay Caron and I were the only ones to show up to the very first one. Probably because it was darned frigid and the streets were covered in frost. We rode through a dramatic freezing fog and surprised several gigantic geese napping on the bike path. They screamed and flew over our heads, barely missing us.

While we rode, Lindsay told me about the project she'd been working on for over a year. Something about an on-line calendar. Her website would show everything happening in a particular metro area - not just rides or advocacy opportunities or social events - but all of it. The idea is for organizations (or individuals) to submit events or even full calendars onto the site for everyone's use.

As she filled me in on the details, it dawned on me how useful this could be. Not just for me personally, but for the several groups I'm involved with - each with their own very full schedule. I was also excited because Lindsay was "doing it" - living her dream.
When she invited me to the launch party last Thursday evening, there was no way I'd miss it. In the midst of a personal reboot week, (three days off the bike, no alcohol, healthy food, more sleep), I drove my car to the party. And I said "no thank you" when offered delicious free beer, which has no small historic significance in itself.

The party was held in an interesting multi-use space called The Slate, located in industrial northwest Portland. There were at least 50 people in attendance and in addition to the free beer, an amazing spread of healthy munchies for folks to enjoy. A projector cast an image on the wall behind Lindsay showing their new website's main screen while she walked the crowd through the inner workings of the site and gave credit to the many contributors and helpers.
The website is called Activatehub.org and it's the beginning of something big. Not just for Portland - there are also sites in the works for Seattle and San Francisco and eventually all major cities will be connected. I look forward to submitting all of my groups' agendas on it and seeing what else is listed so I never have to miss another dance party or bike ride or city hall meeting or...you get the idea.

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