Monday, March 26, 2012

Brew Pub Populaire

On March 17th, the Oregon Randonneurs hosted a lovely and lively 100K Populaire ride.
We started at the Cornelius Pass Brew Pub in Hilsboro at 8am. Well, everyone else started at 8am, I rolled at 8:05. Then I stopped to adjust my bars and broke a bolt in my stem. After that, it was easy going because all the stuff that was going to go wrong had already gone wrong.
Gorgeous weather. Beautiful country. Pleasant rolling hills. Puddles to wade through. Other highlights include hot cocoa and cookies at Snoozeville, which is becoming an old haunt for me. A confusing control point question at Jack Road. And, of course, beer at the finish!

My finish time was five hours, but the Rando rides are not races so it doesn't matter that several other riders finished in three and a half hours. And several riders finished in six and a half hours.

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