Thursday, July 26, 2012

Joined super-power-house Mike for his Bridge of the Gods Century With Swim Stop. Rides are so much better when they're capitalized.  There were a dozen riders at the close-by park start.  Mike gave us his ride leader speech, mentioning that this is not a group ride, but we still managed to ride as a group.

According to Bob (my new unofficial coach), all of my "training" (I don't train!) and "tapering" led me to the perfect rhythm of riding for this hilly hundred miler.  Translation: I felt strong all day.  I rode fast.  I fueled appropriately.  That's right, I actually did not vomit, which has been my signature move during hard rides lately.

The ride to Crown Point was, as usual, stunning.  Gorgeous views, nice pavement, barely any cars.  Over to the freeway detour due to bike path construction.  Had to whip out my fear song during one narrow section with semi trucks passing at 70.

Strange hijinx in Cascade Lox and finally lunch at the lovely Charburger served by very polite staff.  Across the bridge.  Scott told me to "look straight down!" which I did and regretted instantly.  It's a mile down to the Columbia River and you can see it right through the grate.

I've only ridden the SR-14 route east-bound and didn't know until today that it's an all uphill slog heading west.  Followed up with a fun stop at the Washougal River for a quick dip, and back to Portland. Beer after.  Then Velocult for more beer.  Then a housewarming party with a backyard full of bikes.  And home.

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