Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Lumberyard

I would like to preface this post by proclaiming I am not a mountain biker.  I do not "catch big air" or "shred trails".

However, I stepped outside of my comfort zone to try the new indoor wooden bicycle track.  It's called The Lumberyard and it's a converted bowling alley featuring ramps and drops and berms with off camber turns and whole trees and big rocks to ride over. My heart rate increased just walking in the door.

I borrowed some shoes since my cleats would tear up the wood track.  And I rented a bike with an impossible-to-sit on low seat.  Apparently this would be a standing style ride.

We walked out and were shown the track and its color coded sections.  Even the green beginner zone scared the crap out of me.  My hands were shaking after trying the little bitty whoop-de-doos and I thought for sure I'd be leaving in an ambulance.
Then Will, the owner, came over to chat with me.  He asked me what my sport is.  I told him I ride bikes, outside, with drop bars.  He explained why the bars on the rental bike were so wide (stability, like a push up) and why the seat was so low (standing allows hips and knees to act as suspension).

He then walked down to the bottom of the first drop and stood there.  He told me he wouldn't let me fall.  I felt like a little kid about to jump into a pool with a waiting promise of safety.  So, I went for it.

I rode down the first drop, and then up the first ramp.  Then the second drop and second ramp.  It was fun!  I kept going, turned around and came back.  And then I started to really get it and enjoy it and just kept doing laps around the little course with its several ramps.

Soon they will have a bar and restaurant on site.  I will definitely go back for more!  This may even help me learn to use my barely-ridden mountain bike with some confidence.

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