Friday, January 11, 2013

Bye Bye Bike Club

After three years of serving on the board of the Vancouver Bike Club, after three years of driving to the monthly meetings, three years of answering all manner of complaints, three years of wrestling members into volunteering, three years of being "in charge" and referred to by many as "Madame Prez", I am officially done.

Well, kind of.  I'm still managing the google e-mail group, which some are resistant to or unable to use for reasons that boggle. The bylaw changes and amendments still need to be finalized.  And of course, I'll still lead rides.  But, for the most part, the club will continue without me.  A new board is in place and comprised of very experienced and capable folks with great attitudes. 

At the big January club meeting, where we celebrate the previous year's accomplishments and hand out ride leader rewards, I bequeathed the big pink conch shell of a whistle that was given to me at the onset of my "administration".  You can see the new president in the background sporting this handy little piece of plastic. 

They gave me, in addition to a big round of applause and many personal thank yous and handshakes, this book.  Road To Valor is about a cyclist who helped World War II end by smuggling important documents rolled up and stuffed into his seat tube.  An important courier for the cause, if you will.

I walked out of the meeting with a light feeling in the shoulders.  Maybe that's the shiatsu massage I had earlier in the week.  Or maybe it's the prospect of more free time.  Free time I can spend reading the book they gave me.  Or painting valve caps!

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  1. Two thoughts:
    One - we appreciate all you gave to the club and will miss you, Maria!
    Two - OMG, I was throwing valve caps away! But not anymore since I realize I've overlooked how gorgeous they could be.