Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Twenty Fifteen

Accountability is increased when intention announcements are made, so I'll share.  My theme for Fifteen will be F.

My cycling goals have almost always been numerical.  This many rides, that many centuries, an R12, what have you.  Next year will be different.  I'll still play the permanent game and I already have a big trip planned (hello, Oregon Outback!), but mostly I'm going to choose my rides based on the potential for fun.  Here's the complete list.

   Fun.  I will ride my bike for fun, and fun alone.

   Fat.  I will spend the first four months of the year losing a bunch, 15 pounds to
   be exact.

   Fantasy.  I will visualize what I want on a daily basis.  Some call this meditation.

   Friends.  I will develop new friendships and deepen current ones.

   Five.  One's missing here!  I'm open to suggestions - just leave a comment.


  1. I love the "F"ifteen theme. Oregon Outback seems like a heckuva ride! Enjoy!


  2. "Farther" Ride someplace that is farther away from home than you've ever ridden.

  3. Ok, Todd, you're on. First, I must ask for details. Do you mean depart from my front door and ride farther than before? Or get somewhere far away and ride there?

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  5. I couldn't resist the temptation to publish this bizarre comment above. Spam or poetry, you be the judge!

    1. I know! Once in a while the spam can be so entertaining!

      My suggestion is "Future." PBP 2019!