Monday, May 11, 2015

Meet The Beavs

Eight ladies descended on Champoeg Park, expecting to ride through slog and hail on our Fourth Annual Tour de Beavers.  We headed south through the sunny Willamette Valley, stopping on the way to drink champagne and pose for silly pictures, eat and drink and be merry in Salem, and finally relax at a posh hotel in Corvallis.  The next day, we woke up to do it again in reverse, the entire time reveling in our meteorological good fortune.

There was Trish, light and fast.  A physical therapist and smart cookie, she gave me helpful career advice.

Then Susan, also speedy.  Susan and I share similar hair and she announced she had finally figured hers out, then helped me figure mine out.

Sherri was absent due to injury, so we poured some out for her at the start of each day, and also at the champagne stash; hidden behind the same tree from the first Tour de Beavers.

Heidi spins a good yarn and even brought her knitting along.  She told how she recently learned to pee off the bike, without stopping and without making a mess.  True story.

Jennifer, young but so strong, and good to draft.  I need to make her a buddy flap so I can follow her around Portland.

Michelle, steady atop her orange CoMotion, complete with couplings.  She's a kitchen sink packer and the yin to my minimalist yang.

Linda led.  Also on my Outback team, Linda was our head planner and champagne stasher.  We'd be lost without her, quite literally.

The scent of a passing clover field in bloom reminds me of meeting MaryJean, several years ago now.  I quizzed her the next day on this reminiscent scent and she knew the right answer right away.

We started out as friends and acquaintances and even strangers, but all ended up as fast friends.


  1. Outback! Outback! Let's hear the story!

  2. "We started out as friends and acquaintances and even strangers, but all ended up as fast friends." that word treat me to be your Fan! Thanks for nice cycling story..