Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PIR purrrrrr

It was HOT out there last night so I'll use that as my excuse for coming in 6th out of 15. Also, I pulled for more than an entire lap at a time, but another great excuse: I had a stomach ache and wanted to control the pace so I could "rest". Maybe not the best strategy.

However, I beat the two girls that are still in the August points competition so I'm currently in 3rd overall. Do these other girls (Hi Inge, Hi Catherine!) read my blog? Do they obsessively check the OBRA website for results and track their points on a spreadsheet? I mean, I don't do that or anything, but some people might.

Thanks to my three cheerleading friends who came out to spectate - John, Mary, Patty!! It made it extra special and even more fun than usual.

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