Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PIR's a scream

Tired from the Portland Century, sure. Too tired to race? No way. Especially now. Alyssa has apparently dropped out. Catherine has first place pretty much sewn up. So it's me and Inge battling for second now. And she knows it. She asked my race number and glanced at a post-it before quickly tucking it into her jersey pocket. (Side note: this is what I love about biking and racing - meeting like minds!)

The sprint was absolutely exhilarating (credit goes to Dictionary.com for this correctly-spelled word). As we came around the final corner, it was ON! Someone started yelping a little and it didn't take long for the rest of us to join in. Guttural primal screams flew out of all 12 racers as we flew and screamed by the black & white checkers.

Blowing kisses.

Me and my "rival" comparing wheel placement at the finish.

Extra special thanks to BikeLoveJones (check out her blog!) for photo-documenting this auspicious event, cheering us on and calling me a MONSTAH at the finish line.


  1. You roadies are sick, sick, SICK!
    You could DIE doing that stuff, packed in like sardines, inches apart from each other and whizzing by at 30 mph. Are you people even INSURED?

    And you're right -- it was SO quiet out there without the Party People across the way on the moto track.
    All that quiet in roadie-land is so intense... maybe you need to do cyclocross this fall.


    Seriously, it was inspiring to watch you out there and I was happy I could make it. And, um, you ARE a MONSTAH.
    Sorry I'll miss your podium placement next week. Have fun and finish strong --bh

  2. Thanks again for being there!

    Yeah, sure, we could die. You can also die from infected bed sores. Tee hee.

    I know you Cyclocross nutballs (who, by the way, also risk injury AND dirty fingernails) need spectators so plan on seeing me near the beer tent this fall.

    No worries about next week. See ya soon!