Tuesday, October 19, 2010

French Toast

It's been four years since I started leading this monthly ride and WOW has it grown! About 40 riders crammed into my house for french toast Sunday. For the first time ever, my giant percolator ran out of coffee.

We had people from the Vancouver Bike Club, girls I've raced with, people I've met through work, other friends and even a couple of Portland Wheelmen! Hisssssss.

One guy showed up with "power cranks", which are independent of each other and not "locked" into the bottom bracket so you have to push forward AND pull back with each foot separately. You can also coast with both feet down. And pedal symmetrically, which for some reason reminds me of a bunny.

One girl fell because someone rode up super close to her without warning. I feel especially bad because it was her first french toast ride and they're usually not so chaotic. The good news is, there weren't any cars behind us and she didn't break anything.

It was an especially good work out for me because I'd wait for the slower riders at the turns, then race up to try and catch the front of the pack. It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous ride and I'm so very grateful for it all.

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