Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins

One more rider would've made us seven. But six is an evil number and the weather was plenty wicked, so it fit with the theme.

We rode the X around Ladd Circle, then to the Acuportland phallus called Streetcar Desire for lust.

We stopped at the Crystal garden gate and I collected a few dollars from each person. Then rode off for greed.

Riders followed me up the big 52nd Avenue hill, down it and up it a second time for wrath.

Chili and soup and cornbread at my house for gluttony.

Dark and wet and windy, we left for the new speed limit measurement sign on 92nd where the Springwater Corridor crosses and each rider competed for best speed. Mike and Lisa tied for pride.

We stopped at the funky windmill on Mill Street, which was a stop on the Tour De Mills last spring. The last time we were there, it was dry and sunny and warm. We experienced envy.

Onward to the first pub where we enjoyed sloth.

For the last pub, we went to a new place called Apex. It's reputed to be super bike friendly and sure enough, there were enough bike racks outside for ten times our number. And there were helmet shelves inside. 100s of varieties of beer on tap. And this thing hanging from the ceiling.

Thanks to Michelle for the pictures!

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