Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday Spooky Ride

Linda and I headed out around dusk to ride the Troutdale Airport loop. We flew eastbound at 22 mph and I kept thinking "YEAH! We're fast! Uh huh.". After circling the airport and heading back westbound, twice the effort yielded half the speed. Apparently that was a tailwind we had experienced earlier. Go figure.

It was getting progessively darker, as it tends to do here every evening on planet earth. The sky featured a gorgeous pinkish orange smear of cloud near the horizon. The air smelled like Autumn.

By the time we were halfway back, it was pitch black, a jerk on a motorcycle revved his engine loudly just as he passed us, the wind picked up and it started to sprinkle. I think that's when I started to regret the "shorts/jersey/no jacket" and the "just a rear blinky" decisions, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly.

Finally, after riding back for twice the distance we had ridden out, we turned back onto the bike path toward our finish line. It was a perfect October ride, complete with ghoulish fear!

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