Friday, November 5, 2010

Mileage Mania!

Did you notice the little number in the upper left? That's my mileage for 2010 so far, which is updated at the end of each month. As you can see, I'm on track (fingers crossed!) to reach 4000 by the end of the year.

My lifetime annual max of 6000 happened in '99 during ye olde messenger days in SF. My annual max in Oregon is 5000 and happened in '02 while riding my bare bones track bike all over Eugene and back.

In my current incarnation as bicycle dork-xtrodinaire, I ride a cush steel road bike with fenders and bells and whistles galore. (Unless it's summer, then I ride the steel Torpado with white heart-shaped lugs between the bubble gum pink tubes. But that's not relevant, merely beautiful).

Much of the riding I do now is with my bike club, which is not exactly local. They're in Vancouver and I'm in outer Southeast. Back in January, a club buddy and I agreed to compete for overall mileage. We've been neck and neck all year.

The stakes? Steaks. At the January '11 club meeting, I hope to be sitting down to a steak dinner especially prepared by Laird. Wish me luck!

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