Monday, June 6, 2011

Columbia Gorge Explorer Loaded Tour - Day 3 & 4

Well, I forgot to bring my charger so didn't take any photos on the last 2 days. Luckily, Richard shot an awesome video from his handlebars! Blogspot won't let me link to it for some reason, so just put in your browser and go!

We decided to take a crazy alternate route on the morning of day 3, which involved walking up a steep hill of hard-packed dirt and gravel for 20 minutes to a ridge offering the same hard-to-navigate surface, plenty of wind and cows chasing after us.

We were pleasantly surprised to arrive at Cousin's at the same time as some other riders who left camp at the same time we did, but took the traditional route. We made good time!

We climbed up to the Mosier Tunnels, where we laid out in the sun for a nice little while before heading into Hood River.

Day 4 took us to the Charburger by Bridge of the Gods, then up Crown Point to the Vista House. From there, we screamed back into Portland and home again. Great trip!

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