Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Council Crest

Here's the Hawthorne Bridge, filled with bike commuters early today.

And here's the Salmon Street Fountain, where I met up with Nick and Amy of the "morning excuse committee" at 6:40AM (yes, AM!).

We rode through downtown, then up to Washington Park and the zoo.

Finally arrived at Council Crest Park. What an amazing view! We could see Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams and even Rainier!

Then, a cold descent down to Portland State University, where, amazingly, we ran into Inge. She told us about getting her legs ripped off at PIR last night. Headed off alone to the Pearl District, over the Broadway Bridge and northbound on Williams. There were tons of bike commuters everywhere I went.

On my way to Marine Drive, while crossing the big ramp at 33rd, I noticed a long string of cyclists on my tail. It was none other than Portland Velo! Soon, their fast guys passed me so I pacelined with them for a short while.

They headed west and I headed east at Marine Drive, with a fabulous view of the Columbia River and Mount Hood. Shortly after, I saw the VBC riders on their "two bridge loop" ride.

Getting 35 miles in before work felt pretty luxurious and I hope to join more of these early morning riders while we still have early daylight.

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