Monday, August 15, 2011

Crater Lake

Richard, Jenn and I arrived at Diamond Lake campground just in time Friday night to set up our tents and get to bed. The next morning, after coffee and breakfast, Richard and I joined the BOB riders.

We went through the pumice desert, which was prettily polka-dotted with pine trees. We saw plenty of small snowdrifts along the 15 mile climb to Crater Lake, even though the air was warm and it felt summery out.


Finally, we arrived at Crater Lake. This was my first view of it.

Then, around the lake. It was hot and dry and we quickly became dehydrated. A miscommunication with our SAG vehicle left me without water for an hour. But, the climbing was easy and the views were stunning.

Jenn & the SAG team:

The whole group!

Just me.
Another great adventure on two wheels.

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