Thursday, August 4, 2011

Power Outage Wednesday

Started the day at the Portland Society meeting where I learned one should never use green scrubbies on their rims. Thanks to Tori Bortman at Gracie's Wrench for the informative maintenance show & tell, complete with the most graceful way to flip your bike over. Also learned that the letters in ATB lube stand for Absolutely The Best.

Rode over to the shop where there was no power for blocks. We played frisbee in the parking lot for a while and then gave up. Went on a 2 mile ride with our Accounting Manager, who is totally new to biking. Then home for lunch and reading until ride time.

Then, off to Nick's for a spontaneous "let's ride to Corbett" ride. We changed to plan B in Troutdale and climbed the steep south hill next to the main drag there. So steep I was popping wheelies all the way up. Yikes!

Then down Lusted and over to Orient, taking a short break for flat repair and finally to Springwater Corridor. A short veer off the path to climb another super steep hill, then off to beer. A gorgeous 85 mile day to tuck into my summer 2011 memories.

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