Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Super Stud Sunday

We met at Scott & Ayla's house in Camas and headed out toward Cougar. At Yacolt we ate nuts and balls and red vines. Ayla turned back, respecting her knee, healing from surgery.

Scott, Nick and I continued on. We rode by gorgeous meadows filled with cows, horses, llamas (or are they alpacas?) and lots of picturesque barns.

Then back through Yacolt, this time for coke, drumsticks and strawberry milk.

I worked my fanny off to keep up with these two fast guys on this almost-century ride. They slowed down for me a few times, but mostly I hung on. Average was 15.4 mph, ride time 6 hours for 92 miles and a fair amount of climbing.

Ayla thoughtfully had Thai food waiting for us back at the top of the hill. What a great day!

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