Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tour de Suck Hard Hills

Our first weakly Tour de Suck Hard Hills was a complete success in terms of reaching high levels of suckage.

We met at the General Store in Troutdale. Sherry and Dana were fresh and happy and optimistic, not knowing what was to come.

We stopped at Women's Forum for yoga and Charlie's Angels poses.

We missed the turn on Gordon Creek (little does Google Maps know, it's called Evans!) and went ahead to Crown Point, where Dana got a pinch flat. After a few tries, we got 'er fixed!

The next portion of the ride will remain unphotographed, due to its dark and disturbing nature. Bull Run. Big hills. Endless switchbacks.

Finally, we finished the climbing and got onto the planned "shortcut" route to complete our 45 mile loop, which turned out to be 70 miles instead. Luckily, beer. BEER! That was our mantra for most of the ride and it paid off.

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