Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day One - Legends of Cycling

In my quest to create my own reality, I semi-privately deem certain riders Legends of Cycling. It is a supremely hard-to-earn title, akin to the Alice B. Toeclips award but without the expensive banquet, news coverage or really any fanfare at all except in my own velo-inspired mind.

Specifications include but are not limited to variables far beyond actual cycling capability. Style is close to the top of the list and is defined not just by apparel and gear choice but timing of such choices. Frame material is also a factor, although not a deal-breaker. Another key is riding body language, which includes hard-to-describe micro-nuances such as soft pedal methodology and pinkie placement.

There are currently five known title-holders, and three legends-in-training. It cannot be revealed who these legends are, except to say that they are ordinary extraordinary people.

On Saturday's climb up the side of Mount Bachelor, unbelievably, two current title-holders and three legends-in-training were present. As is expected of Legends of Cycling, many of these encounters were unexpected and fleeting. All were pure inspiration.

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