Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Three: Recovery & Wrap Up

It's impossible to capture in words the ground that gets covered on trips like these. Sure, it was only 3 days and nights. Sure, it was only 200 miles and 6000 or so feet of elevation gain. But it was so much more.

These three days felt like weeks. Pleasantly blissful weeks chock full of the joy and suffering of cycling. Climbing to the top to see if you can is beyond worthwhile.

And evenings spent in the most sparkling of company. Some off-the-bike highlights include a Le Mans start cruiser race (ok that's not exactly off the bike), ping pong, laying on the couch, feasting, general reclining, i-pod ear-bud sharing and jacuzzi-ing.

My dream of walking off the podium to showers of flower petals was attained, at least figuratively. An absolutely effervescent wrap-up to the best summer I've ever had.

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