Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Miyata, Part Tre

Rode kiss bike around this morning in search of the perfect quill stem. One inch threaded, ninety degree, 120mm stem to stern. Cory tempted me with a pretty lugged one that would double the cost of the project. Luckily, City Bikes (once again) had exactly what I needed. A Nitto for only $18!

Back home to grab my (#$%&$#!) car and the butter beater. Met the knowledgeable Kristina at the Bike Farm, who helped me pound the crown race onto the fork and press the headset into the head tube.

Then it was time to cut the steer tube down to size. Apparently this is pretty advanced stuff, which I found exhilarating. After my uneven cut, we had to file just the right amount of the thread off.

Finally, finished putting the headset on and installed the new stem.

Homework: continue down tube clamp quest, put the bars in the stem and toss the front wheel on. Next work date: Monday!


  1. You are quite an advanced bike repairer! Looks like a nice setup!