Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Miyata, Part Uno

Last year, I crashed and broke my beloved Miyata 712. Since then, I've been obsessively trolling Craig's List in search of a replacement Miyata frame, in my hard-to-find 52cm size.

Finally, just last week, it came to me. A butter yellow Miyata 710, circa 1983, without a fork. Here's a picture I took after paying a mere $55 for it. Please note its extreme beauty.

I've always been one of those cyclists who pays others for bike mechanic work. A few weeks ago I broke that pattern by learning to change my cassette and chain. And now, thanks to the lovely people at the Bike Farm, I will continue the streak by building this bike myself.

2011 has been a incredible year of personal growth for me, so why not step outside of my norm and get my hands dirty?! Like so:


  1. Nice frame! It's so difficult to find replacements for the older bikes we love. Hope the build is pleasant and something you'll want to do again. :o)