Friday, October 21, 2011

Tandem Vs. Single Speed

I've ridden on two tandems in my life. The first time the captain deliberately tried to scare me and I peed my pants. Really. The second time was my wedding day and I was captain - big mistake - I should've stoked. I'm coming up on my divorc-iversary so these things cross my mind.
On a single speed, you can't go as fast or get to the top of hard climbs as easily as a geared bike. But there's less weight and fewer moving parts so less can go wrong. And riding a single speed makes you stronger so when you're ready to get on a geared bike you can kick ass.


  1. divorc-iversary?
    What about anni-divorc-ery?

  2. You forgot the best parts of riding a singlespeed:

    a. Fewer parts to wear out or break.
    b. No fumbling a shift on an incline; to go uphill, just pedal more.
    c. The rock-star element of it all. Even if you're slow, people assume you're somehow tougher on a singlespeed.