Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cyclocross Spectation

Since Sunday's Cross Crusade Race was in Barton Park, I thought I better ride the KISS bike. I mean, it's totally flat and my friend is hurt and wants me to go slow so a single speed's the best bike for the job. Wrong! There were a jillion huge mountainous hills between my house and Barton Park. The kind of big, steep hills that make you giggle at their relentlessness.
On arriving, I rode through steep gravelly unpaved sections without flinching and without putting a foot down (insert applause here). Then a steep run-up to the ridge, where I gracelessly used all fours to get to the top (insert heckling here). Finally, shoes caked in mud, decided to call it done (insert cowbells here).

And this was just the spectating experience - I don't race CX! But I love to watch it. Every time I see one of these crazy races, which my dad refers to as "Cage Fighting on Bikes", I gain new respect for these riders and their pure badassness.

1 comment:

  1. SO great to see you on Sunday, and glad you enjoyed yourself.
    When will we entice you to join in the "cage match"?