Monday, November 21, 2011

An Interview In Three Parts

A local documentarian asked to interview me about my experience riding in the first Critical Mass, which took place the fall of '92 in San Francisco.

First we had lunch at my house, then Joe set up his equipment and asked the first round of questions. Here's what it looks like from the interviewee's side of the camera!

For the next round of questions, we rode our bicycles on the Springwater Corridor path. Joe displayed unique juggling talents by riding a bike with cargo buckets full of lighting equipment on the back while managing somewhat unwieldy camera equipment around his unique ape-hanger handlebar set up.

The unplanned, and potentially best, portion of the interview happened after a loud pop indicated a dramatic flat on Joe's bike. I offered to fix it for him, which enabled him to continue filming and interviewing while I went to work.

I may not be famous (yet!), but days like this make me feel like I am.

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  1. You'll be posting a link to the resulting interview, right?