Monday, November 7, 2011

Randonneur vs Alley Cat

Just like an alley cat, there were small entry fees to pay, mandatory checkpoints, clues to find and a "ready-set-go" start. But instead of a 20 mile race through city streets at night, jeans bursting with u-locks in pockets, we rode 65 daytime miles in a rainbow of fluorescent jackets. I opted for a tutu and bright blue eyeshadow - a fashion statement befitting Brer Karnickel.
Winding roads on rolling hills with foggy views took us out to Snoozeville, where we found a green tent containing much-needed hot cocoa (instead of PBRs). I have ridden through or to or in Snoozeville a few times now and still don't know where or what it is.
Unlike an Alley Cat, this Populaire was not a race. That's what they kept telling me anyway, as I madly tabulated my placement. In the end, I beat the time cut-off by an hour forty. And Elly met her goal of Lanterne Rouge (last one in!).

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