Thursday, June 30, 2011

Portland Parkways - NoPo

Rode up to Fritz's, then around the Portland Parkways loop.

Tons of families, kids, all types of bikes, unicycles, rollerskaters, runners, pedicaps, skateboarders and scooters populated the streets as far as you could see.

For a few hours, the streets were a picnic-party, Portland-style! Pure delight.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bike Noir

After the French Toast ride and the jaunt up to Vancouver and back on Saturday, I just didn't want to go home. So I looked at the Pedalpalooza calendar and sure enough there was a ride starting around the corner in 5 minutes. Bike Noir!

The Working Theater Collective put on a beautiful, bike-themed, film noir-style production. We were led to points around Portland by a trailer playing old style music, which would stop to indicate the next scene was starting. After that scene was over, sirens would sound to let the audience know it was time to "get out of dodge" and travel again. A Five Star production!

After the ride and show, WTF bikes hosted a dance party in their parking lot. Tons of fun. Learned a little bit of swing dancing from new friend, Matteo. Finally got home after 75 miles of riding in 12 hours! What a day.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Epic French Toast Day

What a day! 20 showed for breakfast.
16 continued on for the ride. (Note the photo shoot in the background of the below picture):
Instead of heading south at the 205 bike path turn-off, Cory and I went back westbound on Marine Drive. We just couldn't get enough!
Crossed north at the I-5 bridge, then east again to River Maiden Cafe, where we caught up with some of the original group.
Then 4 of us took off north then west along a gorgeous bike path near a disc golf course, over to Fruitvale road and south again.

Then I was off to Portland again to meet up with friends for beer and snacks.
Did I go home after that? Nope. More to come on Saturday's epic ride!

Friday, June 24, 2011

French Toast Ride - 6/25/11

Come join!

Link function in blogspot still not working - copy/paste this into your browser:


Rode from work to Lucky Lab, then up to see the sunset from Mount Tabor, then downtown with a (really fast!) buddy.

Finally got the shoe/pedal combo figured out. Clipping in and out is easy and big bonus: my feet don't hurt. Turns out carbon is good for something.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Portland Society Happy Hour

Arrived a smidge late at the Produce Row Cafe for the Portland Society happy hour. There were only about 8 ladies left, but I enjoyed a delicious Double Mountain IPA anyway. Here's Elly.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Race Report - Sunday's Alley Cat

It takes a lot of people to throw a race!
Here's Amy, checkpoint volunteer, designing her joker poster.

Joel, (yes, Courier Coffee Joel!). He opened Courier Coffee Cafe especially for the race. Note the two six packs in cargo.

Clancy, on balloons!

Michael, checkpoint worker.

Sarah, checkpoint worker.

(Not pictured - Checkpoint workers Richard & Cato, Sponsor Joel T)

Racers, getting ready.

Winner (with prizes) - only 35 minutes for 2 downtown checkpoints, 2 north points, 1 SE point and 2 river crossings!!! Also, his lockring slipped and he borrowed Joel's cargo bike (pictured above) to finish race. Impressive!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Petal Pedal

We camped with the cows.

Sarah from Nossa Familia offers coffee.

It rained.

It was so cold and windy, we shortened our day from 100 to 60. Others shortened their day from 60 to 30. Even others shortened their day to 0!

I lost my embrocation virginity.

The finish party made it all worthwhile.