Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forest Park

An old college friend was in town who I haven't seen in 20 years. We were out doing Portlandy things and drinking beer until around 10pm when I saw a facebook post announcing an early morning ride the next day.

I began typing a detailed message about why I couldn't possibly go, listing my many excuses. I deleted the response and RSVP'd yes instead. That's how I found myself at dark o'clock, heading out with four others over the Saint John's Bridge and up to Forest Park.

I was pretty squeamish about riding both Saltzman and Leif Erikson on the same day in the mud, but need some more non-paved miles under my belt before the first Velodirt ride. I'd only ridden Saltzman one other time, going downhill in the dark after 110 miles. This time felt pleasantly easy.

Leif was much harder. Going down, my hands tired from squeezing the brakes and my jaw sore from rattling, it felt never-ending. Jonathon Maus, well-known blogger and tough ass cyclist, would bomb ahead so he could stop and take photos. At one point, he passed me as I sang to myself. He told me he thought I was singing from enjoyment when actually I was reminiscing a lullaby my mother used to sing to me.

To my immense delight, Jonathon reported our ride on his blog for all of Portland to see. He even featured a photo of me taking a photo of him. To read Jonathon's article, copy and paste into your browser:

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