Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peachy Keen

(Eleventh in a series of stories about every bike I've ever owned.)
I really wanted to include a photo of each bike in this series, but can't seem to dig one up of old Peach. So, I'll describe it as accurately as possible.

Peach was an old lugged steel road bike that I converted into a ghetto fixed gear. I spray-painted it peach color, covered it with decals of peaches and letter stickers spelling "PEACHY KEEN". And I gave it bull-horn bars wrapped with pale orange Benotto tape.

It was probably a 56cm frame, way too big for me, and I only put around 500 miles on it altogether. The first time I took it out, it made the most whoppingly loud (and embarrassing) racket due to the rear spokes being dangerously loose.

I don't remember who I gave it to when I moved from California to Oregon but there is a messenger in SF who calls himself Peachy Keen so I like to pretend he has it. If you see this bike around, take a photo for me, will ya?

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