Monday, February 13, 2012

Redland Ride to the River

I first heard about this Vancouver Bike Club ride because the ride leader asked me about how to submit it on the calendar. The Road Captain then stepped in and got her set up. Then our Road Scholar mapped the route and created a cue sheet. With so many people pitching in, I thought - I better go check it out! Unfortunately it’s on a Thursday afternoon during my work hours. Fortunately, I get vacation time and decided to use it. That’s right, I took the day off work to go on a bike ride.

After sleeping in and enjoying a long bath, I rode the 15 miles from Southeast Portland down to the Redland Café. I was early enough to get my grub on at the diner, which was cheap and delicious. Then I went outside to see MaryJean standing alone in the parking lot waiting for me. It was going to be just the two of us. I asked if she was disappointed and she said not at all, she was leading this ride to get at least one riding companion and had been totally successful so far.
Here's MaryJean near where I hit a deer in my car months ago.

Off we rode, choosing the long version of the route. The sky was cloudy and it had been sprinkling all morning but it ended up being clear and dry for us. I enjoyed seeing goats and chickens and horses and cows and sheep. And Victorian homes alongside traditional farm houses and barns. And eventually, the sun!

Our route took us on a bridge over the Sandy River where we looked down at the boat ramp at Barton Park. Down the hill and we were at the boat ramp. Then back up the hill. We went down river from there (or was it up river?) to Milo McIver Park for a stunning view of Mount Hood. Down the hill. Up the hill. Over the river. This fun ride demonstrates that a club ride leader doesn’t work alone and also doesn’t ride alone.
Here's me at Milo McIver Park.

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