Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've always wanted to be fit. So I exercise. And I try to eat with some sanity. Drink moderately. I even quit smoking cigarettes (many years ago). Well, now here I am. Fit. Sure, there's always room for improvement and I've just started doing what the kids refer to as "interval training" to up the ante.
As my body shares with my mind its aches and pains and trivial complaints, I've made the wise decision to get fit - as in, see a bike fitter. I've been ergonomically fit to each bike and recently had a refresher on the high mileage workhorse of my posse. It's taken $250 out of my wallet and 5 hours out of my life, but well worth it.

Once on my bike, I like to have friends to ride with. So, I've tried on different groups for size. Sisyphean Hill Climbers, Oregon Randonneurs, Velodirt, Vancouver Bike Club, Portland Wheelman, Randonneurds, Portland Velo and Midnight Mystery Riders. I'm a dork in some groups; too gritty in others. I'm way too fast in some groups; too slow in others.

On my ride into work this morning, this word "fit" and all its meanings and innuendos kept crossing my mind. Am I fit? Do I fit my bike? Where do I fit in? Once again, as in all of life's dilemmas, I get all the answers I need from my bike. Yes. Yes. And yes.

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  1. Can you give your readers an idea of how much was changed on your bike as a result of this fit? You're rather experienced, and I would imagine your were pretty close to what an expert would recommend.