Wednesday, March 7, 2012


(Thirteenth in a series of stories about every bike I've ever owned.)
Moving from California to Oregon was a big life change, not to mention a big climate change. Friends warned me of the big wet that is Oregon. So, I sold or gave away a few of my steeds and bought this Bridgestone MB-2 as my commuter / rain bike. I obtained some waterproof rain boots and a bright blue Gore-Tex rain suit. Then I packed my bags, rented the cheapest, ugliest apartment in all of Eugene and moved there with my U-Haul full of junk.

My little 3 mile commute was on a flat bike path so I ended up spending most of my time on the old fixie instead of the new lime green rain bike. Then I moved to Portland and had a bike/bus commute, meaning the bike was mounted on the front of the bus and totally exposed to the grimy, gritty freeway. A perfect job for old Limey.

After a few thousand miles, I sold it partly because its maximum speed was about 12mph and partly because I had a friend who wanted to try commuting. Occasionally I see it locked up around town. It had a bright yellow handlebar bag and black fenders. The one pictured is from the internets. I never did take a photo. Lesson learned: photograph all bikes!


  1. I have a bus/bike commute too, but I have a folding bike. It's nice because if the 2 bike slots are taken, I don't have to wait - the bike can come right on with me.

  2. I liked this bike a lot - gave me a respect for Bridgestone and for steel bikes.