Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kiss Bike

(Seventeenth a series of stories about every bike I've ever owned.  This bike was also covered in number ten of the series.)

My knees feel their age and remember vividly all the fixed gear miles we've pushed through together.  As a result, this poor track bike had been holing up in my basement for several years.  Last summer, it got a second life.

I sold the DuraAce high flange wheelset for a pretty penny.  That financed a new wheelset, freewheel cog, brake levers, saddle, pretty blue Shimano Ultregra brake calipers, and a powder coat job.  The bars and stem came from Broke-Bike.

The project was finished months before I expected - just a few days before the 2011 Seattle to Portland ride.  This was my seventh STP so I decided to freshen up the ride by taking the single speed.  The 165mm cranks and 48-17 gearing fit me just perfectly and a few centuries on this little bike went just swimmingly.

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  1. I love my single speed too. I think mine is 44-16, so a little easier than yours, but I've never done anything like STP on it - just commuting and riding around town. I have gone from Seattle to Portland with it, but we took the train (and it was surprisingly easy - my bike folds, so I could take it right on the car and put it in the oversize luggage rack).