Thursday, May 17, 2012

Century Surprise

Saturday's special surprise century day
Started at six to volunteer for the bike club.
Rode up to the college to hand out cue sheets.
Time trialed ahead to the rest stop to hand out food.
Saw friend after friend after bike club friend.

Left for a ride with Nick - out Washougal Way.
A big swooping hill invited us up.
At the top a deserted motocross picnic playground.
Back down and to town and a drink.

Then off to explore the Lacamas Lake trail alone.
Running out of time, racing to the pizza party.  Beer.

Exploratory under-construction bike path with randos.
A sprint with Ed to Velocult, beer with Ryan and the gang.
An auto pilot ride back home
And an odometer reading one hundred and eleven.
A good day.

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