Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ripplebrook Randonnée

Eclipse means black out.  Keel over, swoon, suppress, smother.  But eclipse also means squash, exceed, excel, transcend.  I did all of these things on Sunday.

The day began with a sore throat, headache and fever, then continued with traffic problems.  A poison oak rash in my finger webs.  Rain.  The disturbing thought, fear even, of the distance and the day ahead.  Doubts of survival.

An innocent question: "why would you choose to ride today?" led to a great deal of introspection.  I chose to ride because I want my R12 (dammit!).  But, no, I didn't choose to ride, I just ride.  It's what I do.  More than that, it's who I am.  Especially on a hard day.
The twenty mile ride from Estacada to the Ripplebrook ranger station was extremely tough and beautiful.  Luckily, the turnaround was a real turnaround for me.  Turns out we had been climbing the whole way out there. Plus, this was the furthest out point of the ride, so I could taste success.

I don't remember how we got from Estacada to Oregon City.  That part of the day is simply gone.  I came to at a tavern with bras hanging from the ceiling and a beer in my hand, so things were going well.  From there, the northward trek remained.  I recall seeing lots of bunnies.  Bunnies.  Back to Broadway for one last signature on the brevet card and we were done.

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  1. Good job, way to ride even on a hard day. That statement of "it's what I do, it's who I am" reminded me of something I wrote a while back-