Friday, May 18, 2012

Tour De Beavers

Three of us set out from Champoeg Park on the same day as the "Monster Cookie" event ride.  We loaded up our bikes and rode south, while the monsters rode north.  It was a new and interesting view on the event ride to see riders cutting each other off, making rude comments and not paying attention to traffic at all (including us!).
We started competing to see who could get recognized the most and that took the edge off.  Stopped for a bottle of champagne, which I had hidden behind a tree a few weeks before.  We ran into a lady dressed like a beaver and deemed her our mascot.
Quite a lot of beer was consumed. Finally, we arrived at our destination - the Hilton Hotel in Corvallis.  We brought our loaded steeds through the fancy lobby and into the elevator.  Once upstairs, we rode our bikes in the carpeted hallway.  Talk about low rolling resistance!
At the hotel, we compared loads and I was deemed "the minimalist".  We practiced our badass faces in the mirror.  We drank (yet another!) beer before heading out for dinner and (even more!) beer.  Day 2 we did it all in reverse.  140 miles, two days, three friends and a barrelful of fun.

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