Friday, June 8, 2012

Pedalpalooza Day Won

Ok, readers.  Things are about to get a little crazy over here at Bicycle Kitty.  Yesterday was the first day of Pedalpalooza.  If you don't know what that means, you'll learn over the next few weeks as I go completely cuckoo for cocoa puff bike-freak-out crazy with billions of rides and friends and events and you name it.
Last night was the kickoff party.  The pre-kickoff party was a few weeks ago and although a ton of fun, pretty darn tame compared to last night.  I'm not sure how to elaborate on how very fun it was.  I saw my new teammates.  (I"m on a race team now, separate blog entry later!).  I hunted butterflies.  I accepted three huge bunches of flowers but couldn't carry them. 
Best of all, after the party, I got to participate in an unscheduled, impromptu, all out hill climb up my favorite butte.  And down.  Not knowing or caring where we were going.  Tearing through neighborhoods like there's no tomorrow.


  1. Hey! Nice poster. Hope to see you in the streets soon!

  2. Ohlala! Bike Smut 6 is actually on the 29th of June. (whoopsies!) I would love if you wanted to blog about the premiere. Is there a way to send you more info?