Friday, June 22, 2012

Pedalpalooza Day'leven

Mercifully, Sunday's Pedalpalooza Portland Permieter Populaire didn't start til ten so I could sleep in.  All of these miles and late night hijinx start taking their toll but a sweetly cloudy day on flat paths all around the east side on my single speed felt rejuvenating.
Ed and Shawn put on this Randonneur ride and provided a pretty route and a classy cue sheet - combo brevet card.  More than a dozen randos left at 10 after coffee and Voodoo donuts at Velocult.  I rode with Jeff all day, a true Super Randonneur and a fellow tire-geek.  We laughed a lot at our mistakes, oversights and a beautiful deadend.

I flew into Alley Cat mode on the last couple of miles and told Jeff "sprint finish?!" before racing off ahead.  When I arrived back at Velocult, I rode right into and through the shop looking for Ed so I could hand in my brevet card.  Turns out he was in the beer garden out back with participants from the Disaster Relief Trials and Zombie Ride.  These folks raced around in cargo bikes carrying a list of disaster supplies and being chased by the zombie riders.
 Another successful day on and off the bike. 

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