Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pedalpalooza Nine

Friday night, the world was my oyster.  Sure, I had already missed the start of the Get Lost ride (roll dice to determine route!) and the Ginger Ride, which I witnessed from my patio perch on Williams.  I considered giving chase but still had a half full beer.

The Synesthesia ride sounded fascinating - a tour of fascinating sounds.  The Foster Road Pub & Scenery Cruise cracked me up and was close to home.  Dirty Diablo ride was a definite no as I don't frequent strip clubs.  And Oldies and Tall Ts was also out because I look lousy in oversized t-shirts.
So, at the last minute, I headed toward the Drop Out Prom ride.  A quick stop at Good Will yielded a $4.79 celeste-green satin tea-length prom gown.  It was too big on me, so a perfect fit over my bike clothes and to ride in.

A sea of prom-goers greeted us at the park.  Hung out with the "parkies" for a while.  Ran into those same fixie kids I had stolen alley cat manifests from at the Alpenrose fundraiser party.  We rolled out and rode through the east side.  I was riding with the fixie kids when I realized I had lost the prom-goers.

I thought my night was over and started to head home when, there, in front of me, were scads of red blinking lights and the mobile prom party.  Apparently it's not that  easy to lose 200 people on bikes. We ended up at the bike path park on the river with a magically suspended disco ball, live music, tall grasses and good times. 

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