Friday, June 15, 2012

Pedalpalooza Seven

I followed a guy with a calf tattoo around the Tabor loop early Wednesday morning.  This recon mission was meant to prepare for my first race and build my confidence. So, I looked closely at the road surface, took each corner a couple of times, and checked my gearing on each hill.

Later on at work, I received some great advice on how to take the corners.  And even more valuable big picture advice : "when it hurts, go harder".  Thanks, Bob.

Queuing up at the start line, I felt my heart in my throat.  There were at least twenty ladies in my heat.  They all looked fast and had great equipment.  And no one else had a basket.
The ref blew the whistle.  Off and up the hill we went.  Or, I should say, they went, because I was immediately dropped.  The bright side was not worrying about handling the tight corners in a crowd.

Each time I completed a lap, my teammates cheered for me and hollered my name.  It feels really great to belong to a team and wear their kit and get high fives at the end of the race. After racing, we went for beer.  After beer, we went for a Rocky Butte butterfly climb.  I heart Team Slow.

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