Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pedalpalooza Six

 I saw a riot of kids having a riot on see-saws, bunches of 'em balancing, laughing and screaming.  We did the exact same thing the night before, as grown-ups, during a Tuesday evening Pedalpalooza ride.  This little loop around Northeast Portland with park and playground stops is Ryan's tribute to his favorite bikey comic strip, Yehuda Moon. 

A lady on foot yelled "who are you?!", and we answered "PEDALPALOOZA!"  She proclaimed that she'd ridden her bike to work that day.  But when we told her to look on the Pedalpalooza calendar for fun stuff, she said "I can't, I have responsibilities.", underlining what a privilege it is to do these rides.

What a privilege it is to be young and free and alive and on a bike.  That privilege, that joy, may possibly be gone for a friend of mine who crashed Monday night at the short track race.  There is still hope.  Miracles happen.  In the meanwhile, all other problems are tiny miniscule atoms of nothingness.

So, I urge you, dear readers: shirk responsibility.  Embrace privilege. Go for a bike ride. Go get some joy while you still can.

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