Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pedalpalooza Ten

Twenty showed up at my house on this humid sunny day to eat and caffeinate and use my floor pump.  One guy had a tire torn so bad I tossed him a t-serv.  He earned it though because he swept my entryway and cooked some of the breakfast and even washed the dishes.

We took off down the hill and eastbound.  I decided to take Pretty out, the pink Torpado.  Zoom zoom!  Took the hill option.   On Marine Drive, I got a sudden loud flat that blew on my calf a dozen times before I stopped, scammed a C02 and caught back up.  Lots of people got flats that day.
After all the flat fixes we headed downtown to the Petal Pedal packet pick up party.  Then, a spontaneous, unscheduled and very exclusive Pedalpalooza ride - the first annual Weed and Safety Ride.  No, it's not what you're thinking.  We yelled extra loud for safety - CARBACK!!  BOLLARD!!!  TURNING LEFT!!! - on the way to weed the leader's yard.
After weeding, I spent five more dollars at Goodwill on a little black dress for that evening's cocktail party.  Showered at the weed house after a huge salad and rode off to the soiree, where I met a grown lady who doesn't know how to ride a bike but would like me to teach her in exchange for fresh eggs. 

Ride partner, friend and confidante offered to buy me a cab ride home.  It's late and I'm dressed wrong and been drinking for a while and it's far and it might rain.  Couldn't say yes, although I wanted to.  Instead I said, let's just ride and decide.  South, south, south, then one last stop for alcohol.  End day ten.

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